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Vocation Prayers for Individuals

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God, I know you love me and have great plans for me. But sometimes I am overwhelmed by the thought of my future. Show me how to walk forward one day at a time.May I take heart while I search openly, learn about all the choices, listen to others for advice, and pay attention to my own feelings. By doing these things, may I hear your call to a lifestyle and a career that will let me love as only I can, and let me serve others with the special gifts that you have given me. Amen.

Dear Father,
Shine your light upon me so that I may see my true vocation. Give me the grace to hear your word and be an example to others of your love for us. I pray for all in Priesthood, Consecrated life, Marriage and Single life, and for all who are listening to your call, that they may answer you in their vocation. Thank you for sending your son Jesus - Lord of the Harvest - help me to follow His example. May I freely, courageously and lovingly respond. Amen.

My Lord and My God,

You have created me out of love to know You, love You, and serve You in a way no one else can do. Your plans for me are far greater than any I might dare dream for myself.

Lord, grant that I might be open to Your grace to know the next good step in Your plan for my life. Give me the courage and the generosity to say Yes!

Show me Your will for me, O Lord, and help me to say with Mary, "I am the servant of the Lord; let it be done to me according to Your word." Amen.

- Bishop George J. Lucas

Lord Jesus, up until now You have been quietly preparing me to be Your disciple. Now the time of preparation is ending. I seem to hear You say to me as once to Peter: “Will you also go away?” You were saddened then by friends who failed You. But Peter did not fail. “Lord,” he said, “to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

I stand with Peter. Through prayer and counsel, show me, Lord, where it is in Your vineyard that You want me to serve. Then give me strength to be faithful.

Mary, Mother and Model, help me to respond in generous love to the call of your Divine Son.

Jesus, Good Shepherd, show me what You want me to do with my life.

I do not see the road ahead of me and cannot know for certain where it will lead. Yet right now the thoughts of my life are turning on a path that would be of service to Your Church.

Grant that I may be open to Your inspirations, Your concern for our broken world and recognize the touch of Your hand whenever and wherever it may guide me. Amen.

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