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Vocation Meditation -
January 29, 2012

“He taught them as one having authority”

When Jesus comes to the synagogue of Capernaum with His disciples He is invited to offer a few words of teaching after the readings were read. The synagogue’s assembly is astonished at the vitality and the new credibility and authority in Jesus’ words. They also marvel at His power when He rebukes an unclean spirit out of man who has just shouted out Jesus’ true identity, “You are the Holy One of God”. Jesus heals the man and rebukes the unclean spirit which can only cause him trouble.

We notice that the power of Jesus is a transforming power. It opens the hearts of the people in the assembly to something new for them and the man possessed, a wonderful sense of God’s loving, healing presence among them, truly about new life and peace.

The mission of Jesus, as we know, is to set all people free to experience the transforming power of God in their lives, in other words, to be given a taste of the kingdom of God.

To fully live my vocation as a disciple of Christ each day, I need to approach Him with an open heart and humbly seek to be healed, renewed and set free that I may serve Him as He asks of me.

Prayer: Jesus, my teacher and companion, guide me these days to live with a greater freedom of heart and mind that I may do your will in everything.

For the full Gospel reading for this Sunday, visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops site.

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