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Vocation Meditation -
Easter 2012

“Let us not despair, we are an Easter people, and Halleluiah is our song.”
Pope John Paul 11

As the two disciples walked along the road from Jerusalem home to Emmaus, ( Easter Sunday Gospel) they were met by Jesus who entered into their conversation unrecognized. Clearly discouraged and sad, they were no doubt grateful to have Him share their conversation with His gentle questions about all that had happened, and His knowledge of the scriptures which foretold the astounding events that had just taken place in Jerusalem. The further they journeyed together the more they appreciated their mysterious companion, finally inviting Him to share a meal when they had arrived home. It was while breaking bread with him in a spirit - awakening moment that they recognized Jesus. He was indeed “alive” and “risen” as He had taught them previously. Their extraordinary experience was too good to sleep on so they returned immediately to Jerusalem to tell the other disciples. What good news they had to share!

The same challenge lies before us as disciples of Christ in today’s world. We too must allow the Risen Lord to find us in the depths of our hearts and to accompany us in the trials and struggles we face each day. Our vocation as Christians is one of joy in knowing that the Lord is truly with us. Each day is a gift of God given to us to fully serve the Reign of God together with Christ in bringing the world home to its Creator.

Reflection: How am I understanding the call of Christ in my life at this time to be his disciple in an often chaotic world? Whom do I see yearning to find deeper meaning in their lives and to discover their real destiny? Am I ready, willing to help them in the name of the Risen Christ?

Prayer: O’ God, let me rejoice throughout this Easter season in the wonder of the Resurrection of your Son Jesus, whose mission is to lead all humanity back home to you. Grant me the grace to serve you joyfully and generously in whatever way it pleases you.

For the full Gospel reading for this Sunday, visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops site.

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