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Vocation Meditation -
May 29, 2011

"In your hearts sanctify the Lord"

The early Church knew the meaning of suffering for their faith in Christ. To believe in Him and live in Him meant everything. They willingly endured many kinds of persecution because they experienced the transforming power of Christ in themselves. He gave them the freedom to live their lives in joyful hope and to share in the mission of Christ inviting the world home to God.

The essence of a Christian vocation is to respond with one's whole heart to the love of Christ inviting each of us personally to follow Him, to be his co-workers through the Spirit in awakening the world to God's reconciling love for all peoples. This good news teaches us about our God given dignity, the gift of God's creation that sustains us, and how life in Christ is leading us to our eternal destiny.

In today's Gospel, Jesus promises the Holy Spirit to his apostles to guide and support them in their future mission and ministry. That same Spirit of God is given to us to live out our Christian vocation in faith and service as priests, religious and laity together, as the living body of Christ in the world.

For Reflection
How am I being called by God at this time in my life in service of the Good News? How can I best witness to God's love with my life, through my faith, my talents, my enthusiasm, my whole being?

O God, as I journey through this Easter season, let your Holy Spirit enlighten my mind and heart to know Your will for me and how You want me to live my life fully in You and the world around me in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

For the full Gospel reading for this Sunday, visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops site.

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