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Vocation Meditation -
Divine Mercy Sunday 2011

Today's Gospel in this second week of Easter reveals Jesus not only showing His disciples that He is risen and alive but that He is imparting upon them His transforming Spirit. His Spirit will guide them and give them all the wisdom and courage of faith to bear witness to Jesus throughout their world.

We notice that when Jesus appears among them in the upper room, He greets them gently, "My Peace be with you." He repeats it twice more, the last time, a week later when Thomas is now with them. Jesus did not want to lose Thomas who was so discouraged at the suffering and death of Jesus. When He appears that next week among the disciples, Thomas has been persuaded to be with them. Jesus again greets them all so gently: "My Peace be with you." He immediately directs His attention to Thomas and how easily the risen Christ handles His doubting disciple. Thomas is shown the sacred wounds of Jesus to which he responds straight from the depths of his soul: "My Lord and my God!"

How encouraging this Gospel is today for all who are discerning their way in seeking to follow Jesus in a lifetime commitment, whether singly, as a married couple, a religious sister, brother, or priest. We witness how gently Jesus restores Thomas to his brothers and sisters in the community of disciples. Jesus needs each of us to assist in bringing about the reconciliation of the world back to the heart of God. This is the challenge of Easter, to be part of Christ's transforming mission in the world.

Vocational Reflection
Am I carrying things in my life, my heart, that block or discourage me from believing how totally Christ loves me, accepts me and wants me to be His ambassador of faith and hope in the world?

O Jesus my Risen Lord, draw me close to You today, cover me with Your Easter peace, allow me to embrace Your wounded side and believe totally in Your passionate love for me. May I come to know and do Your will to serve You with everything in me.

For the full Gospel reading for this Sunday, visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops site.

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