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Vocation Meditation -
September 5, 2010

In the face of a very admiring crowd who is following Jesus, soaking in His teaching, enjoying His wisdom, and marveling at His curing of the sick, He suddenly presents them with a shock about the cost of becoming his disciple: "Any one who does not hate his father, mother sister or brother, …even life itself cannot be my disciple." What is He really saying? Jesus, of course, loved his family dearly. But even our love for family cannot take precedence over discipleship with Jesus. A commitment to serve as his disciple means we must be prepared to follow Him and even to endure what He endured if necessary. It's that important to count the cost.

To illustrate this clearly, He tells them two stories; One, about building a building, 'Be sure you can afford to build it'. The other, of a king assessing if he can afford to send his army out and win against an approaching enemy or must he seek terms for peace. All of this must be seen from the perspective of Jesus' mission, to reveal the kingdom of God, inviting the whole world to enter it. Sounds simple, but it is a task that requires all our energy, heart and soul, mind and body. All baptized Christians are called to participate in making the Kingdom of God a reality in the world by living its values. Some of us are called to serve Christ and his church as priests, sisters, brothers, and deacons. Each of us needs to be aware of the cost of our discipleship. But as we become more and more aware of what Christ is doing through us, we are, on occasion, struck with awe, and the goodness of God to us who have given our lives to this mission, and the magnificence plan of God to heal and reconcile our broken world.

Vocation Challenge:
At this time in my life, in my prayer, what am I hearing about following Jesus? What is Jesus inviting me to let go of, that I may offer my life in complete trust of Him and His mission?

Spirit of Wisdom teach me to have a wise heart, to be alert to your movements within me, guiding me on the path of my life to where I will be most fulfilled and happy in my discipleship with Christ.

For the full Gospel reading for this Sunday, visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops site.

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