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Vocation Meditation -
October 3, 2010

"If you had the faith of a mustard seed…"

What does Jesus mean in today's Gospel when he addresses his disciples about their lack of faith? Surely they were already very familiar with their faith roots, religious beliefs and traditions going back to Abraham, Moses and all the prophets?

The 'faith' Jesus is speaking about today is not about an accumulation of knowledge, or a set of memorized formulas to be learned by heart, but rather something new. He describes it with simple images in other parts of the Gospels; a tiny mustard seed,(Luke 13:19) a pinch of salt,(Matt 5:13), a small candle flame in a dark room,(Matt 5:14-16), a little bit of leaven that causes the entire bread dough to rise (Luke 13:20-21). 'Faith has all the potentialities of life and hope, enabling a tiny seed one day to become great tree.' (Fr. Tibertius Fernandez (Homilies for Year C)).

What can we learn from Jesus today about our own faith? First of all, our God has given each of us through the gift of faith the potential to be great witnesses for the Good News in a world of signs of hope and people of faith. As people baptized in Christ we already share in his mission. But Jesus also invites some of us to live this witness as religious women and men, the priesthood, and the vocation of consecrated single life.

I might think I need such a great faith to embrace such a vocation. But I must not allow myself to be dissuaded by my sometimes glaring limitations. Really, it is about allowing the life of Christ into my heart, letting it grow and bear fruit as God chooses. We need not be afraid or anxious but rather learn to be open and trusting with our whole heart when we sense the Lord inviting us to join an adventure worthy of a lifetime.

For Personal Reflection:
What is it that makes me worthy to follow Christ, my resume of good deeds, all my achievements? Or humble trusting faith?

Thank you God for your graciousness in my life, always being there, patiently understanding my hesitation to deepen my commitment to follow you. Lift away any obstacles that prevent me giving my whole life, my whole self to you in service of your Kingdom.

For the full Gospel reading for this Sunday, visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops site.

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